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Estate Management

Our secure, cloud-based services directly benefit wealth advisors, funeral professionals, estate planners, and attorneys by streamlining estate planning operations and customer communications. Our suite of products contribute to your success in building long term relationships.

The Estate Registry Suite of Services

Digital Estate Planning Platform

LegacyNOW provides digital estate planning especially created for wealth advisors, funeral professionals, estate planners, and attorneys. LegacyNOW is the tool that provides estate and trust practices with an enterprise-grade solution to plan, maintain and support their customers.

Key Benefits

Easier Digital Notifications to Creditors by Executors

NotifyNOW brings modern simplicity to the antiquated process of creditor notification by reporting the passing of an individual to their creditors, subscription services, and loyalty clubs. Our secure online platform allows notifiers to upload a single death certificate for multiple notifications to various parties.

Key Benefits

Giving People Inheritance Money Fast with Inheritance Advances

InheritNOW helps people move through the grief of losing a loved one, reducing the added stress of worrying about finances, by providing fast and easy inheritance advances. An inheritance advance puts inheritance funds into the hands of beneficiaries almost immediately, eliminating the need to wait for the probate process to complete.

Key Benefits

How Our Partners Benefit

Add Value

Each Estate Registry service provides you more ways to be a valuable resource for your customers.

New Revenue

Our services provide you a new revenue source at little to no cost.

Enhance Your Brand

You can provided our services through a secure, co-branded web portal, enhancing your brand.

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