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About The Estate Registry

Partnering with The Estate Registry will help build long-term meaningful relationships with your clients, strengthening your reputation for service. 

The Estate Registry was created by a team of professionals with decades of service experience to organizations and individuals throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. During this time, we identified the challenges of estate management—especially in the period after a person has passed—as an area where people and organizations could benefit greatly from services that help automate and smooth the transition of assets to beneficiaries. We created The Estate Registry to address this need. 

The Estate Registry is dedicated to making it easier for people to get through the estate process—everything from helping executors manage accounts more efficiently to helping beneficiaries get their inheritance funds faster. You can offer our services to your clients at little to no cost, creating new revenue streams for your organization.  More on how to partner with The Estate Registry can be found here.

A pioneer of estate management services, The Estate Registry provides cloud-based tools and services for inter-generational estate management.

These include:


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