What You Need to Get an Inheritance Advance.

If you are going to inherit money or assets from an estate and would like to receive those funds sooner, and avoid waiting months or years for the probate process, you may have already learned about the option of an inheritance advance. There are companies out there, like InheritNOW, who are willing to advance you a portion of your inheritance in exchange for a fee that is collected when probate closes.

Here’s how an inheritance advance works: First, the company who provides the advance confirms the value of your inheritance. They then make you an inheritance advance offer—advancing you a percentage of your entire inheritance for a fee, which is  collected after the estate closes. Once you agree, you tell them how much you’d like advanced and they send you the funds right away. You get the money fast, and they do all the waiting for the estate to close. At that time, the company collects their fee, and you receive the balance of your inheritance.

But what do you need to get an inheritance advance started? In order for a company to offer you an advance, they need to assess and confirm the value of your inheritance. They can do this quickly with some key bits of information, including:

  • Information relating to a probate case including the probate case number, court name and location.
  • Name and contact information of the executor and/or estate attorney, we can then gather the following information from them:
    • The death certificate of the deceased person from whom you will inherit
    • The will, if you have it (not always necessary, but helpful)
    • The mortgage statement of any real estate that is included in the inheritance
    • Appraisal report of any real estate included in the inheritance
    • Appraisal report for any business included in the inheritance

That’s all you need to apply for an advance on your inheritance. Remember, an inheritance advance is not a loan—it is simply your inheritance money delivered sooner—so there are never any payments to make, or anything to pay back whatsoever.

If you would like an inheritance advance offer for your inheritance, click here. There is no fee to receive an offer for an inheritance advance.