Inheritance Rights: What Happens If There’s No Will

When a person passes away without a will, they are said to have died intestate. This situation can complicate the inheritance process and often leads to unintended consequences. Understanding inheritance rights and the laws that govern intestate succession is crucial for ensuring the proper distribution of assets to the rightful heirs. The Importance of a […]

When to Update Your Estate Plan: Life Changes and Important Timeframes

Your estate plan is a vital set of documents that outlines how you want your assets and belongings distributed after your passing. It can also address essential matters like healthcare decisions and guardianship of minor children. However, life isn’t static, and a plan created years ago may not accurately reflect your current wishes or circumstances. […]

The Role of Executors and Administrators in Probate

When a person dies, their estate often goes through a legal process called probate. Probate ensures the deceased’s debts are settled, and their remaining property is distributed according to their wishes (if there’s a will) or state laws. At the center of probate are two key figures: the executor and the administrator. What is an […]

Should You Access Your Inheritance Early?

The Pros and Cons of an Inheritance Advance When someone passes away, the distribution of their estate through probate can be a lengthy process. If you’re a beneficiary waiting on your inheritance, the time it takes to receive those funds can cause frustration, especially if you have immediate financial needs. An inheritance advance offers a […]

The InheritNOW Process

Settling an estate can be a long and stressful process. If you’re considering an Inheritance Advance, you may be wondering if it will add to the headaches. Thankfully, InheritNow handles most of the heavy lifting, making the process efficient, easy, and fast. Getting Everything Together To get started, fill out your name and contact information […]

I’m About to Inherit. Do I Need a Lawyer?

Navigating Inheritance Without Legal Hiccups Receiving an inheritance can bring financial support and cherished possessions, but it also involves navigating the complexities of estate administration. If you are a beneficiary about to inherit, you may wonder: do I need a lawyer? The short answer is—it depends. Hiring a lawyer isn’t always mandatory, but there are […]

Why Hire an Estate Planner

With a plethora of digital tools at their disposal, modern consumers are more empowered than ever to take charge of their estate planning. These platforms provide a wealth of resources, offering templates and guidance on will creation, asset distribution, and other estate planning essentials. Despite the abundance of self-management tools, there is still tremendous value […]

Inflation and Probate

As inflation has risen over the last couple of years, consumers have felt how the value of their wealth and income has diminished. For those waiting on an inheritance, this reality has been extremely painful, as they’ve watched the value of their inheritances decline and many feel powerless to do anything about it.  When someone […]

Estate Planning in the Digital Era

Estate planning has traditionally been a paper-heavy and cumbersome endeavor. As it has with many activities, technology can streamline the process, increase security, and provide more options for customization. However, the estate planning industry is notoriously slow-moving, so many clients and even law firms are not fully aware of all the ways that technology can […]

Avoiding The Wait For Probate

Probate is the legal process through which a court validates a deceased person’s will, settles their debts, and distributes assets to heirs. The probate process can be long and arduous. In fact, in the United States probate takes an average of 16 months. To avoid the hassle, many people plan their estate to avoid probate as much as possible. Here are some […]