Organize and Secure Your All Your Account and Asset Information

A Resource for You Now & for Your Loved Ones Later

As we move through life, we accumulate assets, accounts, and other information. The amount of information increases all the time. Keeping track of it all becomes more challenging with each passing day. Do you have easy access to all this critical information? Do your loved ones have access if you suddenly pass? If not, it’s time to organize your legacy, now.

The LegacyNOW platform helps you organize, securely store, and eventually share:

  • Account information – banks, investment accounts, credit cards, etc.
  • Family documents – birth certificates, trusts, passports, insurance policies, etc.
  • Real estate documents
  • Social media accounts
  • Medical records
  • Additional items or documents that are important to you that you’d like to preserve and pass on

It All Adds Up to Peace of Mind

An organized digital estate is not just a future blessing for your loved ones, but an immediate help to you now as a go-to resource for all your account and asset information.

About The Estate Registry

The Estate Registry is dedicated to making it easier for people to get through the estate process—everything from helping executors manage accounts more efficiently to helping beneficiaries get their inheritance funds faster. 

A pioneer of estate management services, The Estate Registry provides cloud-based tools and services for inter-generational estate management.

These include:


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